April 12th, 2009

Sledshot.com Videos

As the season begins to wind down, I only now just realized how much footage we shot this season.  It hasn’t been the best winter in history, but the days we had were golden!  We hit some really cool zones this year, and I have to throw a huge shout out to our video guys here at sledshot.com for not only capturing the moments, but editing them into something entertaining for us all to watch.
From our really early season riding to our latest spring riding videos, to the ones that have not yet been edited, these guys work hard without much of a pay out.
Our youtube videos have had well over 50,000 views this winter and it’s climbing every day.  I think these videos really make up a HUGE part of sledshot.com and it’s future!
If you guys want to show some ‘stoke’ for these videos I’d love to see a million comments below this article giving these guys some props!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU RYAN AND SEAN, you guys have mad talent!!