November 4th, 2008

SLP kits is going to do up a project sled!  A few members of the team are running Ski-doo XP’s this year, and SLP just came out with a new High Flow Intake Kit!  Check back in a few weeks, and we’ll post a ‘Tech Tip’ on how to install this SLP kit, and of course, show you it in action on our “Tech Tip” page!

SLP boasts that the kit can increase the air intake surface area by 33%.  Obviously the doo’s have had their fair share of ‘air problems’ since coming out with the new chassis, and this could be the fix we have been looking for.  The stock filter works amazing as long as you’re not riding in deep snow, and we all know what happens when a sled doesn’t get air…  This intake is located higher then the stock intake and conveniently located within arms reach so the rider to clear snow if needed.  The filter is the same pre-filter material found on the rest of the SLP’s other ‘Flow Rite’ kits.  The filter material actually repels snow and water, but lets air travel through freely.  These guys are known for coming out with fixes for all the problems that may be over looked on a stock machine, or simply don’t live up the high levels of demand riders put on their machines these days, lets face it, SLP gets er’ done!.  

SLP offers a huge range of mods for all manufacturers.  They are by no means doo specific!  

For more information, and to check out the rest of their clever products, check out SLP’s site at today!