SLP MoHawk Ski Review by Jay Mentaberry
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Mountain Sledder | November 15, 2018

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SLP MoHawk Ski Review by Jay Mentaberry

SLP MoHawk Ski Review

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| On 10, Aug 2016

All-around badass sledder Jay Mentaberry reviews the new Mowhawk Ski from SLP.

These days it really is hard to beat the factory OEM ski, especially on a Ski-Doo.  However, I have found one that I do prefer –  the MoHawk by Starting Line Products.

rockerKeelSkis are a crucial part of our beloved snowmobile. They are each one of three points of contact with the snow, which has a huge effect on how your sled goes through the snow.  I like the MoHawk ski because it’s ½” wider than a stock Ski-Doo ski so it floats very well in deep snow and seems to add a bit of ‘cushion’ on setup snow at the same time, due to the little bit wider platform.

Another reason I really like the ski is because of how well it holds a sidehill line in ALL snow conditions.  They make it so your input from the handlebars to the skis is what makes you go up, down, or straight on the hillside, not what the ski is doing in the snow.  Simply put, they allow you to control the sled, not the other way around. I use them on the hillclimb circuit as well, just with a more aggressive carbide and love how they bite in the corners and hold an edge when dangling around a corner.mohawk-ski


To reiterate…BUY the skis, SIDEHILL like Mentaberry. Makes sense to us.