September 29th, 2009


Slydog has developed a ski that uses induction to create better cornering, side hilling, floatation, and trail handling.  The ski does this by minimizing the tendency to hunt or dart in existing tracks.

By using a reverse angle keel and a channel that narrows as it runs the length of the ski (like a funnel), the ski compresses the snow against itself creating a stronger base to corner with.  Obviously this creates drastic flotation capabilities.  

“One of the most appealing traits of this technology is that the ski works with the rider, as well as minimizing steering effort. The more aggressive the rider the more aggressive the ski becomes. Snowcross, deep powder, and trail riding snowmobilers will all benefit from this exciting ski design.” (

Slydog has also done an amazing job of color selection in their line.  They have used unique combos, along with more generic styles to make sure there is something for everyone.  

Mounting hardware is available for most machines on the market today!  

Check out SLYDOG’s website at: 

Slydog also has a great selection of bogie wheels in a huge range of colors to meet your needs!