November 1st, 2008

Snow Pulse

The Snow Pulse bag has a few new features that some of their competition has lacked in the past.  Their new wrap around air bag is bright and easy to see which is always a plus in an emergency situation.  Being about to see the person caught in the slide is very important to give a point of reference to start your search.
The bag also help protect from trauma with its car air bag material that is amazingly resilient to damage.  30% of avalanche fatalities are due to trauma, so every little thing we can do to help cut down on these odds is a step in the right direction.  
Another great feature with this product is that the mechanism is extremely small and takes up very little room in the pack leaving ample room for storage.  The bag also comes in three different sizes, a 15L, 30L and 45L. 
Check out this video of the bag in action at the Edmonton Snow Show! 

All in all, I think this is one of the most useful tools we can all carry in the backcountry.  Aside from wearing a beacon and knowing how to use it, the Snow Pulse runs a close second in the avalanche safety world.  
Although the bag is not ‘cheap’, it is hard to put a price on safety.  There has been a ton of hype on this product the past few weeks, and I hope it continues.  If you are interested in purchasing a Snow Pulse Bag we will be selling them on our online store shortly!

If you have more questions you can check out Avalanche Safety Solutions Today!