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Mountain Sledder | October 18, 2018

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SNOW SNOW SNOW | Mountain Sledder

Some things to look out for if you are heading to the mountains after this system moves through…
DEEP SNOW! For November it’s pretty deep out there!  This means amazing tree riding that might be a little more tight then you remember from last year!  As the snow builds it will lay some of those smaller trees over and eventually burry them.  But for now we’ll have to deal with extra tight trees.  As for tree line and above new snow always means increased avalanche hazzards.  As the CAC begins to develop bullitens for the season they are doing so with limited information and resourses.  If you have seen anything move out there make sure you note what aspect it was and where you were and email the avalanche centre and let them know.  You never know it could help save a life!  
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m PUMPED on the way the snowpack is setting up right now!  With some great riding days behind me already you see nothing but smiles on this kids Face!! 


SummitXRider says:

Ok thanks a lot. Just debating going back to quartz or waiting for the snow to settle.

Aaron Bernasconi says:

Generally speaking yes the trees are a safer place to ride given the terrain is is low angle slopes and there are no open pocket where a slide could occur. Be leary, just because you are in the trees does not make it safe!!

SummitXRider says:

Is the tree riding still safe if avy conditions are high? I heard sometimes its dangerous in the trees because you cant see the slides happen.