December 2nd, 2008

Sore, Stiff, and Smiling

Well to my surprise I didn’t get let down, and on the last day of November mother nature gave me something to smile about!  We started off at low elevation with little to no snow hearing the odd (maybe not that odd) tick tick tick of the skies clipping rocks and grinding away our carbides slowing but surely.  As we gained elevation the snow kept getting deeper and deeper and it wasn’t long until we were staring at a blank canvas.  Not a single track in sight.  Now THIS is what I’m talking about!!!  We rounded lap after lap in the trees burning through our fuel as our pipes screeched each time our skies lifted off the snow.  Braaap, braaap, braaaaaaaaap!  It didn’t take long to feel my out of shape arms begin to burn.  A quick break and regroup with the boys reenergized my arms and it was time to shred again.  Our sport is funny in so many ways, and the fact that you really need to relearn it each fall always makes me laugh.  I mean, our general skills stay with us, but all of those little moves, and tricky little feels that only come back after you mess up once.  Today was my answer to what has been missing so far this season.  A day of untracked pow with a great bunch of guys!
Thanks B-hillz crew