April 9th, 2009

Spring Time!

What does all this mean?  For your sled it is a tough gig, this spring riding.  Because of the natural ‘melt-freeze’ cycle that goes on day in and day out with warm temperatures during the day and below zero at night, the trail is hard as a rock!  With out scratchers you sled will run really hot with no snow getting kicked up in the coolant trays, not to mention the sliders.  Here is a couple of videos we have come up with over the past year, one changing sliders “Tech Tip”, and one scratchers “Tech Tip”.
Sliders Tech Tip HERE
Scratchers Tech Tip HERE 
Another great spring mod is VENTS VENTS VENTS!  SLP has some great vent kits on the market these days, along with many other manufacturers.  Letting cold air into your engine compartment is extremely important this time of year to help keep your sled cool.  Another idea is to simply open your panels every time you stop for a break!  Every little bit helps.
Have fun out there, and remember to avoid south facing slopes in the afternoon!