August 17th, 2009

Summer Alpine

For the first time I was pleasantly surprised at how little garbage I saw.  Most recent years it’s been a ‘free for all’ type attitude out there.  Rolling sleds and leaving plastics (sled parts) all over the place, not to mention a ridiculous amount of beer cans…
On my four alpine trips this year I’ve seen minimal garbage, some small plastics that were no doubt simply lost in the snow after a crash, a few (less then 20) beer cans accumulative in the zones (huge difference from last year), and of course an insane amount of cigarette butts (not to mention they are disgusting, it isn’t like they are too heavy to take home…).  
All in all, I thought that was pretty good!!
Keep up the good work everyone!  This is usually the time of year I freak out and post all kinds of nasty comments on here about how disappointed I am with our industry.
When we don’t litter, it sure makes the backcountry a beautiful place!!!!!!!!!!