December 17th, 2008

Support your local Snowmobile Club!

There is so much work that goes into clubs these days with liability issues, government liaisons, pleasure snowmobiler representation, the list goes on and on.  The craziest thing about these clubs out there is that most of them are completely volunteer.  
If you have any complaints about your local riding areas, take it upon yourselves to help change them.  Join your local club, get involved, and help keep your club strong.  The more members the more ‘voice’ your club has, and the more pull it’ll have when dealing with political matters.
My favorite is when people complain about rough trails just after they blew through the gate and didn’t pay…
I realize politics aren’t for everyone, but there are so many little jobs that can be helped out with; fire wood, garbage clean up, shoveling snow off your local cabin entrance, roof, etc.
We’re all busy, any little thing helps!
Take charge, get er done!