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Sledder Slang 101 – Part II: Riders and Techniques

To the inexperienced ear, sledder slang may sound like pure gibberish. But knowing these words and phrases is important. Use a term the wrong way and you can easily be identified as…

Conditions Report: Golden Mar 29, 2017

Conditions are some of the best we've seen all winter in Golden. We haven't seen blue skies in a few days, but clouds are alright when they keep producing fresh snow conditions.

Conditions Report: Valemount Mar 30, 2017

Riding conditions have been amazing over the last week. Spring riding is certainly a roll of the dice as you never know what to expect although so far the alpine has been…

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Mar 30, 2017

Sadly bringing you the final ride report of the season, but happy to report that the snow conditions are fantastic.

Conditions Report: Coast Mar 29, 2017

Yup spring has arrived! We are losing snow pretty quickly in the valley now, but the alpine conditions around the coast are still killer. Freezing levels are rising but it's been staying…

Conditions Report: Valemount Mar 25, 2017

Spring is certainly in the air in our neck of the woods and we are seeing some of the best spring riding conditions we have seen in years. With regular small reloads…

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Mar 24, 2017

We are nearing closer and closer each day to "dual sport season", my favorite time of year. Conditions will soon be right to go sledding all day in the hot pow and…

Conditions Report: Coast Mar 23, 2017

Spring time conditions may be lurking around the corner… The valley sure is starting to show its true spring colors, you know, brown. But it's white up top.

Conditions Report: Coast Mar 15, 2017

Would you like a slice of pineapple with that? We just got our first warm wave of the spring season conditions. Before Tuesday, we got a good amount of fresh pow.

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Mar 15, 2017

The alpine has been receiving snow every day in the form of moist, sticky schmoo - close to a meter of the stuff since last weekend! We can't complain one bit though because…