September 17th, 2010

The endless winter

With a keen sense for adventure and the motivation to make
it happen Pablo Azocar and his buddy decided to go on a snowmobile trip, to New
Zealand. With the winter months running from June – October it seems like the
perfect place to escape the snowless North American summer.


Whilst the idea sounds great there’s not much of a
snowmobile scene in New Zealand. If you want a decent sled buying used is not
an option and the very few ‘dealers’ their are only sell highly over priced new
units. About the only option is to bring your own over. However getting snowmobiles
shipped to NZ is not an easy task.  To meet quarantine requirements the sleds needed to be steam cleaned,
have all liquids, including oils removed, and disassembled to original purchase
condition. Upon arrival Pablo also had to pay GST on his own sled. Well, about
$3000 later the sleds are in NZ and ready for use.


I’d have to say Pablo has set the bar pretty high on this
one. He has gone to great extent to go snowmobiling, and judging by his photos
it looks well worth it. 

click here to check out the NZ blog by Pablo Azocar and too see more photos