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Mountain Sledder | October 19, 2018

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"The Rock Cut" | Mountain Sledder

“The Rock Cut”

If any of you are from, or sled in the Golden, BC area, you’ve probably heard of a zone called Hope Creek, and more importantly Chatter Creek.  Well last year the road was deactivated by Forest Services via Chatter Creek Cat Skiing.  A gate was put up and the threat of fines and permanent closure was heard through the great vine.  
The reason given by Forestry was that the “Rock Cut” was deemed “unstable” and was too high of a liability for them to hold.  Although it was extremely tough for many of us who frequent those zones to hear, I can see Forestry’s very valid point.  
As of a few weeks ago, a massive undertaking has gone on, and the “Rock Cut” went under some much needed changes.  Although the road doesn’t seem much wider, nor does it seem any smoother, the overhead danger has been dramatically decreased.  If you are a first time user of this section of road, you might think I am crazy saying it seems safe, but “Safe” is only a relative term considering what the road use to be like.
There was a new gate put in place where last years gate was erected so it does leave the question in my head “What will the “Rock Cut” hold for us this winter?”.  



Adam Bodnarchuk says:

Can’t wait to break trail through all those willows bellow the glacier again this year…so many sticks in our tracks after that one..i think this year I’ll just ride a chainsaw through there instead of my sled!

shreddogg says:

stoked! Such a fun zone. I would be more then willing to assist with some firewood stockpiling for Glendette if need be.

Dave Best says:

ha ha – love the shot of the lake from the cab…. supa safe!!

lovin the thought that the road will be open this winter – bring it on!