This kid rips.... | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | September 24, 2018

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This kid rips.... | Mountain Sledder

This kid rips….

Riley Suhan has been a name to watch in the mountain biking world over recent years and he has been killing it on the BC Cup circuit.  What a lot of people don’t realise is that this guy spends his winters sledding (when he’s not in school) and that he has talent to spare.

Last weekend our videographer (Ryan) and photographer (Dave) decided to spend a day shooting with Riley and his friend Ryan Anderson.

Check out the shots in this news item, and the video HERE.

As you look at them, remember the following: these kids are 16!  there was no new snow and visibility was poor…..

I think you’ll agree that made a good sponsorship decision!  Watch this space for more updates with Riley later in the season.  Check out more about Riley at his website:



RJ says:

your in luck simmy, we’re dropping a drunk ice fishing team next season.

Dave Best says:

holy s**t – if i got a beer everytime i was rejected – i’d be permanently pissed! fair shout though – simmy – first beer’s on me at chatter this year!

Sean McCaig says:

you could at least give him a beer to ease the pain of rejection

Dave Best says:

absolutely simmy we’d be stoked to sponsor you. we’ll give you a Nytro turbo, a truck, 3 full rider suits, free gas for a year…. oh, hang on, you’re over 20? Sorry, we can’t do it then. Maybe next lifetime. :-}

simmy simmy says:

Hey I am twice his age with half the talent can you sponsor me?