September 18th, 2008

Thunderstruck 7

Another year brings all kinds of new challenges as a film maker.  Year after year we, the viewers, expect bigger and better things in a more creative and stimulating way.  We set high standards for these film makers to live up to, and without a doubt Jim puts together a product season after season that lives up to the hype.
This year is no exception with some of the biggest, most technical pulls and innovative lines I have ever seen caught on film.  These boys and girls and pushing what boundaries are left in our sport with gravity defying climbs.  I’m at a loss for words to explain the jittery feelings in my hands, and my inability to sit still long enough to write this article after watching this video.

What is your position at Thunderstruck?
Jim: Owner of Thunderstruck Films
What got you into shooting snowmobile films? 
Always was a photographer, then just started carrying the camera while sledding!
Where are you based?
I am in Montana, but we have riding crews in Canada, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Utah. 
What type of cameras are you currently using?
We ONLY use SONY HI-DEF cameras! 
What separates you from the other film companies out there?
Innovation, pioneering new riding areas, new ideas, great riders, along with tons of travel and hard work. 
Where is your favorite place to ride?
Too many favorite places to mention!  Turtle Mountain, Revelstoke if I had to pick one though.
Where is your favorite place to film?
In a helicopter!!
Where is your favorite restaurant while on the road?
Tucanos in Provo, Utah, or The Cadillac Grille in Jackson Hole, WY.
What do you do when not filming/editing? 
I am an eye doctor.  I also love scuba diving, fishing, and riding motorcycles (street bikes). 
What do you do in the summer for fun?
Fish and bike!! 
Who is your favorite person to film with?
Any of the Thunderstruck riders, I am so lucky to have them as friends! 
What do you look for in your athletes?
Friendship first, then I’ll ride with you!  
What are your thoughts on Brad’s propane monsters?
They are CRAZY!  The fastest sleds in the mountains that are still functional!
Sponsors you’d like to thank? 
What should we look for out of Team Thunderstruck in the future?
Playing where no one else can play and filming where no one else can film!  HUGE chute pulls, and crazy lines!!

Big thanks goes out to Jim for taking part in this article!  If you haven’t seen the Teaser have a look, and get out there and get yourself a copy of Thunderstruck 7!  
The snow is still a few months away, but I think I’ll go fire up my sled to hear the crack of the pipe cut through the hot summer air!  

Thanks Jim!! 

Have a look at Jim’s site Big Sky Xtreme