June 28th, 2008

Thunderstruck 7

Jim Phelan and Team Thunderstruck have released their latest teaser!  Thunderstruck 7 is the latest and greatest from this intense crew of riders from all over Western North America.  With death defying climbs, huge airs and riders with more horse power between their lets then a rodeo rider, and you better believe it’ll last longer then 8 seconds!


This crew blows my mind each and every season with amazing helicopter footage, amazing light, and clever camera and editing work.  If you like to watch people pushing our industries limits, this video is a must for you.  I have been watching this series for a bunch of years now, and I know I’ll be ordering a copy!

Nice work on the Teaser guys!  
Can’t wait to see it!

Check out Big Sky Extreme for more info!