November 3rd, 2012

Toby? Who’s Toby?

Now I’ve had the chance to poke and try on this TOBE gear and I am not let down.  For starters the fit is really good!  Not only are the arms long and the cut isn’t above my hips like many of the newer ‘other brands’!  You might find their sizing is a little on the large side which I have to say made me feel a little slimmer… but I’m usually hovering between a L and XL, but with TOBE I’m definitely a solid L with room to grow… if I were to grow of course….
Other then that, the colors are super fun and by no means classic / traditional.  With great pockets, vents and draw cords, this is a winner in my books.  Have a look at a few I’ve recieved so far.  Which one should I get???
In the end it will be the toughest decision I will make this year… haha.
Bring on the snow!!