December 1st, 2012

TRIP REPORT – Into The Unknown by Patrick Orton

The time spent preparing to live out of a pop-up camper for a month in Alaska with two snowmobiles and a non-existent budget is exciting and nerve-wracking. The anticipation of the unknown made my head and heart pound, knowing that every skill I had ever learned would likely be needed to make my way and stay alive in AK. My previous 17 years on snow had all been stepping stones towards this epic Alaskan pilgrimage.

To make Alaska happen, my best friend Elliot and I set out a tight budget of only the most essential items for living. Cheap beer, gas and oil were the first priorities, followed by $430 for food that consisted mostly of oatmeal, pasta, 10lbs of cheese and enough trail mix to live on for 30 days. We had an only Ford F-150 with a sketchy camper in the bed, towing two Ski-Doo XPs worth more than the truck, trailer and camper combined. This was the biggest mission either of us had ever embarked on. With a deep desire to explore and find adventure, we were both nervous, excited, and more than anything, curious. A million unanswered questions flowed through my mind on what the experience would be like.

Into the Unknown – Patrick Orton for Mountain Sledder. For the rest of Patrick’s articled, please check out the full Issue 2