Turbo Test Video | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | October 17, 2018

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Turbo Test Video | Mountain Sledder

Turbo Test Video

Wow is almost all I have to say, but that wouldn’t be much of an article…
So here’s the deal.  We built it up at our shop here in Golden over a two day span.  It is a fairly easy install, but I would not recommend it to most “do it yourselfers”.  
After adding a boost gauge to the kit, and some clutching changes, the machine was ready for snow.  
A few rips down our shop drag strip was exciting, but it was just prolonging the real “test ride”.
When in doubt, gotta hit old faithful… Quartz Creek.
We loaded up and headed to Quartz the ‘go to’ test grounds.
This sled was amazing on the ride in but we quickly realized we were over boosting on the fist pull.  With a few adjustments we were on the gas again.  This sled was amazing and super easy to throw around.  When you want the skis up, just grab some throttle.  When you want to down hill carve, she digs that too!  
The best part is she loves to jump!! Not having the intercooler on this kit makes it super quick on the boost.  The pre-cooler does a great job of cooling the air before it reaches the air box.  
I’m pumped on the new whip!
If you are interested in giving it a try.  Call me at GSR/Mountain Motorsports 250-344-6100 in Golden, BC and we’ll try and set up a ride.  (***NOTE*** this is not free guiding!)



jrbourg says:

thanks. looks nice.

Aaron Bernasconi says:

oh and a CR racing post relocator

Aaron Bernasconi says:

I’m using CR racing post with an RSI riser and stock bars.

jrbourg says:

what are you running for a steering/bar setup?