March 17th, 2015

Video: StuntFreaksTeam Flying Snowmobile Off Mountain

The Stunt Freaks Team are back at it again, this time launching a flying snowmobile off a mountain in Sweden. Antti Pendikainen is the pilot who bravely points the homemade sled flying paraglider rig off a very, very large cliff.

Pendikainen narrowly misses an outcropping just after launch, but seems totally unfazed. So much so that he calmly snaps into a TULPA energy bar mid-flight. No stewardess required.



StuntFreaksTeam YouTube Description:

“Thanks for TUPLA made this possible!
We made flying snowmobile and glide down from mountain in Riksgränsen Sweden! Had so epic time to film this. It was very weird feeling when we saw our friend Antti Pendikainen fly same level as a helicopter :D”


For more of the StuntFreaksTeam shenanigans on snow and dirt, check out their YouTube channel trailer here.


— MS