April 17th, 2015

VIDEO: Ronnie Renner Timbersled Shred with Reagan Sieg

All Photos by Brett Blaser


There’s no longer much question about the legitimacy of snowbiking. It’s here to stay, and it’s progressing faster than you can imagine.

The sport went mainstream this season when motocross freestyle and Red Bull-sponsored superstar athlete Ronnie Renner went for a rip on a Timbersled kit bike with top-of-the-game riders Riegan Sieg and Brock Hoyer.


Alan, Ronnie and Reagan getting ready to shred.

Alan, Ronnie and Reagan getting ready to shred. Photo : Brett Blaser


For sledders still unsure how they feel about their sport’s hot-shot younger sibling coming and stealing some of the glory, you need to watch this video. If what these guys are doing doesn’t look fun to you… well, then you must have some pretty weird notions about what makes for a good time.


Here’s what Reagan had to say about bringing Renner along for a ride:

“Ronnie and I go way back to the early 2000’s riding FMX shows together and finding ourselves overseas multiple times for events, and we always had a good time together. Once I saw the video that Lynn Hodges from Pro Moto Billet/Fastway had taken of Ronnie on a Timbersled ride, I immediately contacted him to start getting him fired up.

With Ronnie in California and myself being In BC it’s not easy to plan a time to go play in snow. Luckily Redbull stepped up to help make this video edit happen, so we found ourselves this year in McCall, Idaho ready for an epic time to shoot with Rich Van Every behind the lens and my other good buddy Brock Hoyer joining us on his Timbersled. 


The fellas in the McCall, ID backcountry.

The fellas in the McCall, ID backcountry.


Brock and I are quite experienced on the Timbersled and have years under our belts so Ronnie was forced to learn fast. The conditions were tough with no fresh snow in months, but we all went out and rode the crap out of these machines to show everyone how much fun you can have in less than ideal conditions. I am happy to see that a few shots were added to this edit of me last season to show off some deep powder lines, this was something we did not see a lot of this season. 


Reagan playing in the trees during the shoot.

Reagan playing in the trees during the shoot.


Ronnie was totally stoked to explore the possibilities with the Timbersled and the amount of freeriding terrain the snow covered backcountry has to offer. For me it was really fun to show Ronnie the new sport that has consumed me for the last few years and now he really knows why. I can’t compare the experience to anything else out there.  My KTM Timbersled setup amazes me every day and I hope to do many more projects like this with these two guys!  They way Timbersled keeps innovating and improving the Snowbike, I know the best is yet to come…




Thanks to all of my sponsors that have helped me push forward!

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– Reagan



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