February 20th, 2017

Webisode: Getting the Shot Episode 1

Getting the shot that lands on the pages of a magazine or in the advertising of a big-budget client doesn’t come easy. Even for top photographers with all the necessary skill, equipment and top athletes to work with, there are so many other factors that can play havoc with even the most carefully planned photo shoot.


Getting the Shot

Overcoming adversity is a crucial ability for the hardy photographers of winter action and adventure. Batteries, camera bodies and lenses don’t always fair well in elements of cold and wet. Good light can come and go in an instant; or not come at all. The snow can be too hard, too deep or too soupy. And other factors such as sled malfunctions, broken tripods and injuries are not easy to deal with when you’re miles from anywhere.

Sure, sledders are used to dealing with adverse conditions; but things are different when you’re not just doing it for good times’ sake. When a client is paying top dollar and there are expectations to deliver, a photographer has got to make the most of whatever is thrown their way.


Episode 1

Erin Hogue—a professional photographer based in Whister, BC—has to contend with hurdles such as these every single day she goes to work in the mountains. She wanted to share with viewers a raw and real perspective of what it sometimes takes to get the shot. Getting the Shot is a four-part web series that documents the some of the trials and tribulations involved in day-to-day shooting for big clients. “Episode 1” takes a look at some of the difficulties in a couple of days shooting She Shreds Mountain Adventures for Toyota Canada.



Despite difficult shooting conditions, Hogue managed to land a gallery shot in Issue 10 of our very own Mountain Sledder Magazine. It goes to show that with determination, even the most adverse conditions can be overcome to get a great shot.


MSM Issue 10, Capture Rad

MSM Issue 10, Capture Rad


More of Erin Hogue’s work can be found here.


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