What do you bring? | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | November 16, 2018

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What do you bring? | Mountain Sledder

What do you bring?

Obviously I’m going to start off with the essential three, beacon, probe, shovel, because if you don’t have these, don’t go out there.  SERIOUSLY, Don’t go!

Now as for the rest of “that crap” here are the things that could make a possible overnight doable, or without possibly the worst night of your life.  In no particular order:

1. Headlamp / flashlight
2. Waterproof matches (not lighter)
3. Space blanket (solar blanket)
4. Whistle/Radio (communication device)
5. Knife
6. Small first aid kit.
7. Food (bars, candy, Subway, anything)
8. Compass (GPS or map if practical)
9. Sled tools (spare belt)
10. KNOWLEDGE of how to use each of these.

I was asked recently (weather it was a joke or not…) to do a tech tip on an overnight stay.  Well, I’ve talked it over with the camera man, and he is game… which I guess means I’m game… so we’ll get er done for you using no more then these simple tools listed above.

Obviously we’ll let you know how it goes! 


gordo907 says:

hahaha all good comments.lmao

Garry Taylor says:

and don’t forget the kokanees! You know…just incase that lively sasquatch comes lurking around. Don’t want to be "unarmed" when he shows up. LOL

Aaron Bernasconi says:

Dang, now I guess we’re gona HAVE to do it… DANG! haha

SwayZ SwayZ says:

ya, saws are also great for when you wrap your bumper around some alpine old growth on the way down… haha

rapptorracing says:

I also bring a saw. At least a small folding one. You can never have too much firewood.

thewayout14 says:

a sawed off 12 guage is protective and easier to store strap one of those on your back just in case.. i know they come in handy for getting coyotes heere on the prairies haha

RJ says:

i’ll bring a couple extra rolls of TP for when I start crying

SwayZ SwayZ says:

Hey, I’ll join you guys for the overnight. I’ve bring a portable BBQ and a big tent. Just in case of a wussiness emergency!

Dave Best says:

for anyone who has a cfr rack and who’s not carrying gear ’cause they don’t want to carry it on their back – check out the cfr dime bag (avail in the sledshot.com online store) – i grabbed one at christmas – it’s awesome – carries my first aid kit, spare gloves, balaclava, tow strap, radios, toolkit and spares and space for lunch…

Jeff Stewart says:

i think doing a tech tip on an over night stay would be awesome. The group i sled with have been thinking about doing it just for the experience and the know how to do it. Let me know when your planning it, i’d love to join you guys.