December 3rd, 2009

What have we been up to?

First things first, our head filmer / editor has been away at Chatter Creek on a ‘special’ invite opportunity.  He did make a short video of some roopin’ he did when he was there, but you only get a TEASE!  We have also been out shopping for new camera equipment to make your viewing experience even BETTER!  
We have also been working with our local snowmobile club installing a new beacon basin, one of the first in North America at that (for a snowmobile club).  That was a serious mission!
Wondering what the heck a beacon basin is?  Well it is a public training center in Quartz Creek, where you can practice using your avalanche transceiver and probe to help prepare you for the real deal.  This is an amazing tool so use it!!
Personally my season has started with a BANG with all of this early snow so I have been guiding like mad!  That is the other part of my winter gig.  Our web designer is back with some super fresh ideas after returning from a VERY well deserved surf vacation!  Yes we are all jealous, but he deserved it!
Now all is back on track and we have a line up of things to tell ya’ll about, but I’m not going to spoil you with it all right yet.
Check out the Chatter Creek Footage HERE!