February 9th, 2009

What to look for in a used sled

The law of ‘four’ seems to be the magic number when it comes to used sleds.  No higher then 4000km, for no more then $4000.00, and of course, no more then four years old.
The first ‘four’ is the 4000 kilometers mark.  Many sleds have a fresh new top end in the sled by now, and if it doesn’t keep in mind it is almost time, so although it might work great right now, it probably won’t for much longer.  The bottom end of most machines will last much much longer then the top, so if you replace the top in a timely fashion ie. before it damages the bottom, you are good to go!
The next is $4000.00 bones.  If you are on a budget, try and pull enough funds together to get into the $4000.00 bracket.  This seems to be the bracket where you get the best bang for your buck.  You’re not getting a hunk of junk, yet, your not spending extra unnecessary money for bling.  At this price point ‘mods’ are not your friend.  You should be looking for bone stock machines with no mods other then a simple stinger/can.  
The last ‘four’ was four years old.  Manufacturers usually change chassis every four years, and when buying used, you never really want to be more then one chassis behind.  Mostly for ease of buying parts, but also for cool factor.  I say this kinds of jokingly, however technology changes so fast in the snowmobile world, especially in our niche of the industry.  Machines are much more capable then they were 4 or 5 years ago, so keep up with technology, you don’t need to start from behind!
Another few things to look for:
Previously crashed…
Front end damage (make sure steering is straight)
Tunnel is straight (not folded from landing vertical)
Running boards aren’t caved in
No mods (if you can help it)
Spare belt?  Spare plugs?
How the machine is stored (inside/outside?)
If outside is the track rotting?  
Missing Lugs,
Plastics (see how the owner takes care of them)
Suspension (not damaged)
General feeling.
DON’T let your ‘STOKE’ make the decision for you.  Take your time, find the machine that is right for you!  It IS out there!
That’s it for now!