April 10th, 2008

What’s new from HMK for 09


“Rider owned, rider

First things first, this
statement is something we all take for granted.  Yes we have heard it a million times before in many
different industries, but this one for a change is not only truthful, but you
can see the direct results!

Kirk is a guy who has not
only grown up around snow machines, but has dabbled with them his entire
life.  Whether it was at the drag
strip as a kid, or sled/skiing as a young adult, or now simply taking care of
some stressful R&D shredding the backcountry as much as possible, Kirk has
seen it all.

Seeing the demand for a
technical boot in the snowmobile industry was the beginning of HMK.  Coming from a solid snowboard industry
background, he was able to take what he had learned and use it to develop his
first series of boots. 

Kirk has been doing a
great job growing HMK into a full line of apparel from first layers, right
through to some very technical outerwear units, and of course, what HMK was
originally known for Highmark boots.

HMK has stretched their
line from a few technical pieces to a range of products that will suit each and
every one of us.  From the
inexpensive less technical clothing right through to the hardcore ‘live life by
the throttle’ professional type riders, Kirk is doing a great job of developing
a diverse product line.

We mentioned before how
important it is to have a solid team willing to give feedback about the product
they are in.  Kirk recruited some
of the best ‘new school’ riders in the industry such as, Chris Burandt, Rob
Alford, Randy Sherman and Chris Brown, just to mention a few… 

I know one thing for sure,
adding some HMK apparel to your kit will make your friends jealous, and keep
your body warm and dry! 

SLEDSHOT favorites:

Gambler suit, Stealth
suit, Highmark Pro Boa Focus boots, HMK Factory Team Gloves, and the Tech