Yamafest 09 | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | October 21, 2018

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Yamafest 09 | Mountain Sledder

| On 07, Apr 2009

So the sledshot.com team left Golden to go check out Yamafest ’09 in Revelstoke, and bring you reports, videos and shots from the event….

Trouble was, we were all busy on Saturday enjoying the great conditions we had nearby, and as we drove the 90 mins from Golden to Revelstoke on Sunday morning we saw a LOT of Yamaha’s on trucks and trailers heading East.  Yep, that’s right, the opposite direction.

Turns out our information about it being a two day event was not 100% accurate!  Still, we had a great day in Revy – first time in Turtle for all of us – holy s**t – that’s some sweet terrain.  Enjoyed a day watching the slednecks crew (Brett Turcotte) hammer some big airs, watch some of the remaining Yammy Turbos do some insane chute climbs, while our own Aaron Bernasconi and Sean McCaig spent some time in front of the camera too – more of that though another time!

For now, what we need is any updates you might have on Yamafest ’09.  If you have any photos, news, updates, video – anything from Saturday – we’d love to hear from you!

Next year we promise to be on time…..!


Aaron Bernasconi says:

It was wicked. I pretty much missed each one… but would catch a guy coming out the top, or some guys high fivein’ at the bottom…. but it was still cool

Kevin says:

We rode Turtle for the first time this year too, and loved it. I would have loved to see some of those boosted yammies climbing those chutes at the last lake.

Garry Taylor says:

Aaron, we made it out for Yamafest. Crazy busy with 500+ sleds out on Boulder.