February 27th, 2017

Yamaha brings back SnoScoot in 2018 for 50th Anniversary

The 2018 snowmobiles lineup marks 50 years of Yamaha snowmobiles. For this special occasion, Yamaha has re-released its SnoScoot, a trail sled built specifically for youth riders. Now it will be a little easier for mountain sledders to share their love of riding with their family.


Yamaha SnoScoot

The growth of the mountain riding segment would not be possible without the introduction of young riders to snowmobiling. We all started out riding trails (if only for a day!), and that’s how Yamaha sees the continued growth of our sport.

To make it possible for young people to learn the joy of snowmobiling, Yamaha has re-produced a new and upgraded version of it’s popular SnoScoot.


WDP_3854_Lifestyle_Apparrel_HI RES




The SnoScoot is powered by a single piston, 200cc class 4-stroke that generates 9hp. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s enough to cruise at speeds of up to 50km/h! That’s plenty fast enough to make the SnoScoot a legitimate option for families heading out on a real trail ride.






Power is put to snow by a Cobra 10″ wide track with 93″ length and 1″ lugs. The SnoScoot was designed to handle a combination of hard-pack and fresh snow, and this track should do that nicely.






Yamaha engineered plenty of electrical power in the sled so that it’s lighting system would be bright enough to be “trail legal”. The SnoScoot comes with hand- and thumb-warmers and the option for an electric start.




Overhead 2


A wishbone front and torsion spring rear suspension offer 4.5″ of adjustable travel.


Front Shock_4x6_300DPI




Front and rear bumpers are present for those inevitable “stuck” situations.


WDP_4272_Lifestyle_Apparrel_HI RES



The SnoScoot comes in two colours—a tradition Yamaha “Racing Blue” and a sporty “Flashy White”.




18_Snoscoot_Flashy - PNG





Here’s a intro to the SnoScoot from Yahama Canada’s YouTube channel.


This one’s a little cheesy, but you get the idea! The SnoScoot does look like a ton of fun for kids.




— MS