April 22nd, 2009

Yamaha Test Ride

For starters, I have to be honest, I have been fairly closed minded when it comes to Yamaha snowmobiles simply out of ignorance.  I’ve tried a few Mountain Max’s out a few times with less then impressionable memories, however, I was left in complete and utter surprise with the 2010 version of the Nytro.  This machines was as smooth as ice, and was surprisingly nimble!  The suspension was setup so nicely with Fox Float ll front to back and a riding position that greatly resembles the Ski-Doo REV platform.  The new running boards clear snow very well, and of course it catches a ton of attention.  It’s funny really, my first impression with Yamaha is always “heavy” and the 2010 Nytro just didn’t match up.  It was very easy to ride, had a great flow side to side when downhill turning, or negotiating ‘techy’ terrain.  When we finally stopped, I asked Randy (Swanson) if it was a 153′ (because it felt very similar to the length of my old REV 151) and he laughed and informed me because of the track forward position a 162′ rides like a 153′ and I was in fact on a 162′.  I was stoked, I was throwing this huge sled around like an XP.  
How could this be?  I was totally taken back, impressed, and in awe all at the same time.
Honestly, I give my thumbs up to Yamaha on the 2010 Nytro MTX.  
Thanks Randy for the great day!