June 30th, 2017

Young Buck: Maverick Walker Interview

Maverick Walker Interview

Photos by TGFG


Where are you from?

Colville, WA.


How old are you?

17 years old.


Maverick Walker



Last year I rode a LTD edition M8000 153″. I threw on a wider 38″ A-arm kit from ZBROZ paired up with ZBROZ X1 shocks. To stiffen up the skid I run Iceage Bomber rails, and an X-Brace from Iceage. I run Racewerx front and rear bumpers. They make the sled look angry! Then I had Fokus Graphics put together a custom wrap to throw on my sled and man it turned everyone’s head! Also I threw on Simmons Flexi Skis for the handling department on my sled. They make a world of a difference when heading toward a jump – no more darting like the stock skis would do. Burly BMfab running boards were strong as hell and kept the snow out no matter the snow conditions.


How long have you been sledding?

When I was 3 years old my dad bought me a Kitty Kat and that’s when it all started! So about 14 years now.


What’s your favourite style of riding?

My favourite style of riding is when the whole crew brings out a shovel and we build massive jumps and when it is done, everyone just goes off and we all send it huge! Big floaters and lots of hang time puts a smile on my face.


Favourite place to ride?

My favourite place to ride is Meadow Mountain, a little past Kaslo, BC. Every time I go there, there is always something new and different to hit. Meadow Mountain has a bit of everything, from huge natural hits, whip jumps, huge drops, and some of the craziest chute climbs you can imagine. My dad has been taking me there since 2009.


Maverick Walker



What are your goals with the sport?

My goal is to work harder and harder every time I go out on a ride and to better myself and to learn something new every time I get out on my sled. Ever since I was a little guy my dream was to be in a sled film. Hickshow put me in their movie when I was 13 and I was so stoked. Ever since then I have just gone bigger and bigger, and now I can’t wait to see my segment in 509 volume 11. I am so thankful for all my sponsors for making my dream a reality.


— MS