2019 Polaris Snowmobile Lineup
March 5th, 2018

2019 Polaris Snowmobile Lineup

Big news for the 2019 Polaris snowmobile lineup of mountain sleds! At the top of the list is a brand new, “clean sheet design” engine called 850 Patriot, built fresh from the ground-up. Awesome! With 25 years of experience Liberty engine experience, Polaris has designed the 850 Patriot to be the most powerful engine they have ever built.

But that’s not all. The PRO-RMK will also receive a few other key upgrades. The most impactful of these (besides the new engine) will be a new React front suspension, which features 36″-38″ adjustable ski stance, down from a 39″-41″ stance. Also new on the 850 models are forged A-arms and spindles. New shock spring technology drops 3lbs off the front suspension. New PowderTrack XT running boards feature a new geometry for better clearance.

There is plenty more for 2019 Polaris snowmobiles, so let’s check it out!


2019 Polaris Snowmobile


2019 Polaris Snowmobile Mountain Lineup

Polaris 850 Patriot Engine

The 850 Patriot Engine has been built completely from scratch, using all the knowledge that Polaris acquired over 25 years of Liberty engines. It’s a completely new beast, sharing only the same plugs, two sensors and some fasteners with the Liberty based 800 H.O. Cleanfire.


2019 Polaris Snowmobile

The beating heart of the 850 Patriot.


At the core of the 850 Patriot design are two key principals. Number one for Polaris was building an engine that offered class-leading durability. The engineers have built durability into every aspect of the engine, including components such as oversized crank bearings, taller pistons and a simplified throttle body assembly. How confident are they in that durability? Well, every single 850 Patriot engine will have a standard 4-year warranty, straight from the factory.


2019 Polaris Snowmobile

Design elements such as a simplified throttle body contribute to the goal of class-leading durability.


Their second-most important objective was a responsive engine. For that, the bore and stroke of the 850 Patriot were selected to provide low-inertia for fast response.

There are many other factors that went into the design which we will report on in further detail at a later date, but for now, the burning question is: how does it perform?

Well, Mountain Sledder has been lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to throw a leg over the 850 PRO-RMK…and this engine has some serious output! The power is incredibly smooth, comes on instantly and is very linear. More to come on that but in our experience so far, this engine is a home run.

The 850 Patriot engine will only be available in spring-order.


2019 PRO-RMK Lineup


2019 Polaris Snowmobile


The AXYS PRO-RMK 800 will still be available for 2019, but what we really want to know is about the PRO-RMK 850 upgrades.

First off, the ski stance has been narrowed for even more agility. On the 850 PRO-RMK, the stance will be an adjustable 36″-38″ ski stance, down from the 39″-41″ stance that has been found on the PRO-RMK in the past. The more narrow front end makes it easier to hold the sled on a sidehill without negatively affecting the performance of upright riding.


2019 Polaris Snowmobile

The 2019 PRO-RMK 850 offers a narrower 36″-38″ ski stance for even easier handling.


The narrow front end is supported by new forged A-arms and spindles that offer both strength and durability. And new SLS front shocks use a new technology that utilizes a steel spring which, combined, are 3lbs lighter than titanium. SLS shocks offer the same spring rate as past iterations of the PRO-RMK Walker Evans shocks.

Also new, is a new running board design which offers 7″ more clearance. This improves the ability of the sled to sidehilll in very steep terrain, but reduces the overall length only minimally.

As much as 3/8lb is shed with new, specially designed slider hyfax. These have unnecessary material removed, and although not a lot of weight is saved, it shows Polaris’ continued focus on building the lightest possible sled.


Other 2019 Polaris Snowmobile Mountain Options


2019 Polaris Snowmobile


The Assault won’t be available in 2019 in an 850 configuration. For 2019, it will only be available in an 800 Assault 155. The SKS however, will be available in an 850 package for snow check. It will come with either a 146″ x 2.25″ Series 5.2 track with trail ergonomics, or a 155″ variation with mountain ergonomics based on the RMK series. There are three track variations to choose from in the 155″ length SKS.

2019 Polaris Snowmobile


2019 Polaris Snowmobile Lineup Summary

There are so many options to choose from for 2019 from Polaris, ranging from engines, models, track sizes and a wide variety of colours. We’ll bring more details about what options are available at a later time. But for now, the key thing to know is that the 850 Patriot engine and the PRO-RMK upgrades that come with it will only be available in snowcheck. So if your intention is to experience this impressive new technology from Polaris next winter, you’ll need to order your sled this spring.


2019 Polaris Snowmobile


Stay tuned for more, including our impression riding the new 2019 Polaris mountain sleds!


– MS