What's New for 2019 Timbersled Snow Bike Kit Lineup
March 14th, 2018

What’s New for 2019 Timbersled Snow Bike Kit Lineup

For the 2019 Timbersled snow bike lineup, the brand has continued to build on the success of the Timbersled ARO platform, released just last year for MY2018. Since then, Timbersled has added the addition of the TRIO front shock system option in September 2017. But the biggest news for 2019 is a Timbersled ARO 120 SX model, which comes race-ready, factory-equipped with all the same tech as the vast majority of snow bikes running in the X Games Snow Bikecross event. Also of note to mountain riders is the option of Limited Edition, spring order-only models with upgraded front and rear track shocks and custom colour/full bike wrap options. And finally for 2019 is the Timbersled ST 93 Ripper, for the young shredder.


2019 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup

Both the ARO platform and TRIO have done much to further the company’s goals of improving the ease of convertibility and overall handling of their snow bike kits. In case you forgot, here’s a quick summary of some of the tech that went into the ARO. The spindle was improved to make it a direct “bolt on” that doesn’t require cutting or drilling. In terms of handling, the ski was made wider and the track narrower, to provide an single 11.5″ inch wide 1:1 ski-to-track ratio. Suspension travel was increased by 33% and made more cushy with standard FOX ZERO Pro Shocks. The new setup made the kit 11lbs lighter than prior models! And one other final improvement worth mentioning was a specifically engineered brake system—creating a uniform and consistent braking performance across all brands of bike.

The changes were significant and many for MY2018, but that’s last year’s news. All new for 2019 is the Timbersled ARO 120 SX and, naturally, new LE options. Let’s take a look at the race-prepped SX first.


2019 Timbersled ARO 120 SX

In all motorized endeavours, racers are savage drivers who push their machines to the utmost in harsh conditions. For riders who want the most hardy, race-proven snow bike on the market, Timbersled has built the ARO 120 SX.

This kit is nearly identical to what was used by 16 of the 20 riders who qualified for Snow Bikecross at X Games. That says something! The same technology that holds up to abuse on the track can also benefit riders who are pushing their snow bikes hard in the backcountry.


2019 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup


A key component of the performance capability of the kit is a set of race-valved FOX 1.5 Zero clicker shocks. These shocks provide 18-position compression and 26-position rebound adjustment to perfectly tailor the suspension to the conditions of the day or riding preference. These premium shocks can help resist bottoming and handle bigger hits.

Beyond that, there are a host of stronger or reinforced components for extra durability. These include steel shock shafts, tunnel-reinforcing double plates and a race-specific spindle which can be drilled for maximum customization.

2019 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup

Otherwise, the 120 SX benefits from all the other features available on the Timbersled ARO platform.


2019 Timbersled ARO 120 and 137 Limited Edition

The spring order-only ARO 120 LE and ARIO 137 LE models feature the same on-snow benefits as their base versions, with a little extra. The biggest kick is an upgrade to custom-valved FOX ZERO QS3 coil-over front and rear track shocks. These allow a rider to quickly change between three specifically calibrated settings (soft, medium and firm) with the flick of a switch. Too easy.


2019 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup


Limited Edition models are available with a choice of color-matched rails, spindles, ski loop and tunnel top. You can also customize with a full bike wrap if you so choose.

2019 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup


2019 Timbersled ST 93 Ripper

The family-friendly option is the ST 93 Ripper. It’s the kit for the young ripper in your life, and it fits on all 110cc dirt bikes. The ST 93 Ripper is outfitted with some new tech to improve its performance both on- and off-trail.


2019 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup


The ST 93 Ripper features a new track with more aggressive lugs for better traction. It’s got a new dual-arm suspension for improved off-trail handling. A low ride height is beneficial for your vertically-challenged youth. And from a practicality standpoint, perhaps one of the best features is the no-hyfax, bogey rail which allows your pride and joy to rip around on dirt in the yard just as well as snow.

2019 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup


2019 Timbersled Snow Bike Summary

So there you have it: some significant updates from Timbersled for 2019, but no major overhauls. And why would they? The company has only just this winter had the chance to demonstrate the effectiveness of its still-quite-new ARO platform to consumers. However, to that they’ve added a race-ready model that’s built for abuse, and something for the next generation of rippers as well. And, there are plenty of ways to customize your ride with Limited Edition options, for those so inclined.


– MS