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March 4th, 2019

2020 Polaris Snowmobile Mountain Lineup

With all the big changes that came from Polaris in MY2019, it was expected that not much would change for the model year 2020 Polaris snowmobile mountain lineup. However, the North Star has surprised us with the release of a new, all-mountain model called RMK KHAOS—a sled they’re calling the “most flickable mountain sled – ever.” More flickable than the PRO-RMK? C’mon, nothing is more flickable than that!

Silliness aside, what is the deal with the KHAOS and the rest of the 2020 Polaris snowmobile mountain lineup? Let’s find out!


2020 Polaris Snowmobile

2020 Polaris Snowmobile Mountain Lineup

2020 Polaris PRO-RMK

It’s no big surprise that the legendary PRO-RMK is back for 2020. What is a little surprising, however, is that in addition to the powerhouse Patriot 850 engine, the Liberty Cleanfire 800 engine will still be available in a MY2020 PRO-RMK as an option. We’d have thought that Polaris would have retired the older, smaller displacement engine from the production line for MY2020. But whatever—this is good news for Polaris fans looking for a value offering that can still perform in the hills.

2020 Polaris Snowmobile

Patriot 850 a SnowCheck Only Option

Another surprise is that the more powerful Patriot 850 will once again be available but only as a SnowCheck-exclusive option. Interesting play, Polaris!

No doubt a reflection of the lethargic state of sales in the snowmobile industry of late, it seems that the “Big Four” manufacturers these days are doing their best to incentivize customers to put down a deposit and commit to buying a sled in spring.

In this case, there’s no way around it—if you want that 850 and the best Polaris sled money can buy, then you’ve gotta pull the trigger on it in spring.

2020 Polaris Snowmobile

Otherwise, the 2020 Polaris PRO-RMK is pretty much unchanged from model year 2019, with the exception of bold, new colours. But there are plenty of colour options to choose from!

Here’s a 15-second Polaris commercial to get you pumped for the idea:

2020 Polaris RMK KHAOS

So what’s the deal with that new 2020 Polaris RMK KHAOS model? Here’s what Polaris tells us.

“The SnowCheck-exclusive 850 RMK KHAOS 155 is the most flickable mountain sled – ever. Designed for all riding zones for a lively and dynamic backcountry experience.”

What does that mean? Basically, it’s a PRO-RMK with a different rear suspension geometry and better shocks. For a more in-depth account, check out our article on the 2020 Polaris RMK KHAOS 155.

Otherwise, here’s a summary of what makes the Polaris KHAOS unique.

Polaris says that a new RMK KHAOS rear suspension “provide[s] transfer and traction for light handling and control and the best response in all riding zones.” It is said to be more lively, which we can only assume means it feels a little less planted and a little more playful. We’ll have to wait for some time on snow to find out.

The other significant difference between the PRO-RMK and the RMK KHAOS is in the shocks package. The KHAOS will use Walker Evans Velocity Hi-Lo Compression Adjustable Shocks, which are proven in hillclimb competition.

The 2020 Polaris RMK KHAOS is only available in a 155” track length. However, both the 2.6” lugged Series 6 track and the 3” Series 7 track are available. It comes in three colour options: Black Pearl/INDY Red, Plum Crazy/Sky Blue, and White Lightning/INDY Red.

2020 Polaris 600 RMK and 600 PRO-RMK

The little 600-class RMK and PRO-RMK models are sticking around for MY2020. Though they probably aren’t top sellers, it’s nice to see smaller engine packages available to help transition newer, lighter and less experienced riders into our community of mountain riders. BNG is available in these 2020 units as well.

2020 Polaris RMK EVO

The youth-oriented RMK EVO is back as well. Specifically built for newer riders, the scaled down RMK EVO is designed to inspire confidence.

The RMK EVO is powered by Polaris’ 550 cc fan-cooled engine that is governed to limit output. Speed is also limited to 50 mph, which is more than enough to keep up with full-sized sleds on the trails at a family-friendly rate of travel.

2020 Polaris EVO Group
2020 Polaris EVO

The RMK EVO puts power to snow with a 144” x 1.75” track.

The 2020 Polaris RMK EVO comes in two colour options, and electric start is also available as an option.


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Here’s another video from Polaris about their passion for snowmobiles.