2020 Timbersled RIOT Snow Bike | Mountain Sledder
March 5th, 2019

2020 Timbersled RIOT Snow Bike

For model year 2020, Timbersled has produced a new snow bike kit called Timbersled RIOT.

The 2020 Timbersled RIOT is 120″ track snow bike based on the tried-tested-and-true Timbersled ARO platform, but the rear suspension has been altered to make it perform more like a dirt bike.   2020 Timbersled RIOT Snow Bike

RIOT handles like your dirt bike. The new Timbersled RIOT is infused with dirt-bike DNA and blurs the line between dirt bike and snow bike with a track that handles like a tire."
- Timbersled

Timbersled RIOT Rear Suspension

The Timbersled RIOT uses a new single arm rear suspension, whereas the ARO Long Travel rear suspension uses dual arms. It has a raised drive shaft, and the chassis is 10″ more compact than the ARO, which centralizes the mass to help give it that dirt bike feel. The RIOT platform puts 14% less pressure on the ski. It also makes it easier to loft the front ski through whoops or wheelie by leaning back and twisting the throttle, just like a dirt bike.

2020 Timbersled RIOT Snow Bike

RIOT Traverse Ski and Track

The Traverse Ski for the RIOT uses a new “Deuce Bar Center Skag”, which offers lighter steering and smoother travel over obstacles. The RIOT 120″ x 11.5″ x 2.5″  track is the same as the Traverse 120 track, except it has more window cutouts, which reduce weight and improve track speed and playfulness.

2020 Timbersled RIOT Snow Bike

RIOT Bumper and Snow Flap

The Timbersled RIOT bumper and snow flap are totally different than the Timbersled ARO setup. The bumper is upturned with a bend, and is integrated into the frame of the tunnel for increased durability. The RIOT snow flap adds some style helps keep snow off the rider as well as reduce snow build-up.    

2020 Timbersled RIOT Snow Bike 4

Other Specifications

Just like the Timbersled ARO, the Timbersled RIOT comes with two shock configurations depending on model. The Limited Edition SnowCheck-only model comes with premium Fox ZERO QS3 shocks, while the in-season RIOT features Timbersled IFP shocks that have been dialled in specifically for the RIOT kit. The 2020 Timbersled RIOT uses the same updated pre-bled brake system with molded brake cover as the ARO. Other differences that separate the Timbersled RIOT from the Timbersled ARO model are:

  • lighter jackshaft
  • lighter brake disc
  • new drive sprockets
  • lighter side panels

Five colour options including Black, White, Blue, Orange and Red are available for SnowCheck. Otherwise, in-season purchases will be Black. Check out www.timbersled.com for more details.

2020 Timbersled RIOT Snow Bike 5

– MS