VIDEO – Why Yamaha Brought Back Mountain Max This Way
April 1st, 2020

VIDEO – Why Yamaha Brought Back Mountain Max This Way

It's great to see Yamaha back in the mountain segment with the Mountain Max model for 2021.

Many true-blue fans have asked the question why Yamaha chose to bring the 2-stroke Mountain Max back with a chassis and engine from their supply partner, Arctic Cat, rather than a Japanese-built mountain machine. We’ve tackled that question as we look at the 2021 Yamaha Mountain Max and take the only two pre-production sleds in existence out for a ride.

Watch our video as we throw a leg over both the 154″ and 165″ models of Mountain Max and talk about why Yamaha brought back the 2-stroke Mountain Max the way they did, as well as what Yamaha-specific changes were made to the platform.

For more specs on the new mountain model, see our story from the release of the Mountain Max.


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