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February 18th, 2021

2022 Lynx BoonDocker DS Mountain Snowmobile

For model year 2022, BRP has brought its “Forged in Finland” snowmobile brand, Lynx, over to North America, including the availability of the 2022 Lynx BoonDocker DS mountain-specific models.

This is a pretty exciting development for many mountain riders, and one that’s been anticipated for many years!

Here are the details on the 2022 Lynx BoonDocker DS 4100 and 3900 models.

Lynx BoonDocker DS Snowmobile

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2022 Lynx BoonDocker DS

The BoonDocker DS is the Lynx snowmobile designed and built for deep snow. It is an advanced sled designed for very active riding and it has been specifically adapted to meet the demands of the wildly variable snow conditions and rough trails that can be found in Finland.

Lynx BoonDocker DS Snowmobile_-7

The Lynx BoonDocker DS is built on the Radien DS platform, which was the first OEM snowmobile to feature a short tunnel to help reduce drag in deep snow.

But possibly the most interesting feature of the Boondocker DS for North American riders is the use of a completely different rear suspension system, called PPS2 DS+. For riders who love what BRP brings to the table but aren’t so enamoured with Ski-Doo’s tMotion rear suspension system, the BoonDocker DS will provide an appealing alternative.

Lynx BoonDocker DS Snowmobile_-2

Radien DS Platform

The BoonDocker DS brings many of the strengths of BRP’s Ski-Doo brand, and it’s hard to not discuss one without talking about the merits of the other.

In this case, the short tunnel that was pioneered on the Lynx Radien DS platform back in model year 2018 eventually made its way onto the Ski-Doo Summit X w/ Expert Package and subsequently featured on down the Summit lineup in future years.

Lynx BoonDocker DS Snowmobile 3-4_
Lynx BoonDocker DS Snowmobile side_
Lynx BoonDocker DS Snowmobile top_

Another interesting feature of the Radien DS platform is a unique rear axle snow guard that replaces the traditional snow flap we’re accustomed to in North America. The snow guard is minimalist, and it works to redirect snow spray into the tunnel to help with cooling.

This is another aspect of the snowmobile that was specifically designed to account for the varying snow and weather conditions in Finland, and the preference of its riders to travel long distances in the backcountry and on rough trails.


Lynx rear axle snow guard

BoonDocker DS Powerplant

Prospective North American customers will be happy to learn that the BoonDocker DS sleds will use the powerful Rotax 850 E-TEC engine found in most Ski-Doo mountain sleds.

Unfortunately there will be no option for an 850 E-TEC Turbo for the time being at least, but perhaps that will change in the future.

The smaller Rotax 600R E-TEC engine will also not be an option for the foreseeable future.


The PPS2 DS+ rear suspension in action

PPS2 DS+ Rear Suspension

One major design factor that separates the Lynx BoonDocker models from Ski-Doo’s Summit and Freeride lines is the PPS2 DS+ rear suspension—which is completely different from Ski-Doo’s tMotion.

PPS2 is a refined version of the rear suspension that Lynx originally designed to handle the varying conditions in Finland. It is an uncoupled design that does not use torsion bars, and also does not feature a side-to-side articulation like tMotion.

The BoonDocker DS will however use the same PowderMax Light FlexEdge track found on the Ski-Doo mountain sleds.

The PPS2 rear suspension is simple, light and open, which helps prevent snow build up in the skidframe. It’s a long travel suspension designed to provide a smooth and stable ride, whether that be when sidehilling, crossing old tracks or pounding up whooped-out trails.

The PPS2 DS+ suspension uses front and rear track KYB 36 Kashima-coated shocks for fast, low friction damping.

Lynx BoonDocker DS Snowmobile_-4

LFS Front Suspension

The Lynx BoonDocker DS features a 36″ wide (35.7-37.4″ adjustable) front suspension that is also controlled by Kashima-coated KYB 36 shocks. Like everything about the BoonDocker DS, this sled is designed to be ridding actively and hard, and the shock are calibrated to account for this riding style.

Lynx BoonDocker DS Snowmobile_-3

Lynx BoonDocker DS Track Lengths

The BoonDocker will come in two track lengths in North America, each with its own model designation.

The BoonDocker DS 4100 will have a high-altitutude calibration and feature a 16″ x 165″ x 3.0″ PowderMax Light FlexEdge track only.

The BoonDocker DS 3900 will feature a sea-level calibration, and come with a 16″ x 154″ x 2.5″ PowderMax Light FlexEdge track.

2022 Lynx BoonDocker DS Snowmobiles

Here are a few highlights of the 2022 Lynx BoonDocker DS sleds:

  • Both 3900 and 4100 available in Viper Red colour scheme only
  • SHOT Starter
  • Brake reservoir protector
  • Low mountain strap
  • Blade DS+ skis
  • Reinforced rear bumper
  • Comes standard with 2 pairs of LinQ attachment
Blade DS+ ski

The Blade DS+ ski is long and wide, designed for technical deep snow riding.


Some final points of interest include a question that many have asked about, which is the weight. In comparison to a similarly configured Ski-Doo, we’re told that the Lynx Boondocker DS is just slightly heavier. This is due to design considerations for the intended use of the model, which is aggressive, active riding in rough conditions. We think it’s probably because of that bomber-looking rear bumper.

The Lynx BoonDocker DS models can be ordered through any Ski-Doo dealer in North America—BUT take note! As a Spring Order only. This means that your order and deposit must be placed with a Ski-Doo dealer before March 31, 2021. In return, your shiny red BoonDocker DS will come with a three-year warranty.


– MS


To learn more about the 2022 Lynx snowmobile models available in North America, visit www.brplynx.com

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