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March 3rd, 2021

2022 Timbersled Lineup – RIOT 3 and New Trim Levels

For model year 2022, Timbersled has added a new model to the lineup, called RIOT 3, that will allow dirt-bike like performance in even deeper snow than ever before.

And the snow bike manufacturer has also restructured the existing lineup with the development of three new trim packages that will allow customers to fully dial in their options and preferences.

2022 Timbersled RIOT 3

First, let’s talk about the new addition to the Timbersled family, called RIOT 3.

When the Timbersled RIOT snow bike was introduced in MY2020, it was to provide a more “dirt-bike like” experience, in which the front end could be wheelied with more ease. This allows a rider to get the front end up when necessary for technical riding, but also provides a more playful feeling than the exisiting Timbersled skidframe designs, which were more focused on providing traction in deep snow.

With the popularity of the RIOT snow bikes, Timbersled wanted to push that experience into deeper snow.

Two year later, we now have the Timbersled RIOT 3 for MY2022, which will take the capability of the RIOT to deeper places.

RIOT 3 uses Timbersled’s mid-length 129” track with the industry’s only 3” lug. RIOT 3 blends the capability of the ARO 3 track with the playfulness of RIOT skidframe, for what early riders are calling a magic combination.

2022 Timbersled Lineup_-5
The Timbersled RIOT 3 in action.

New Trim Levels for 2022 Timbersled Snow Bikes

To help organize the lineup and make it easier for consumers to choose the product that suits their preferences best, Timbersled will offer three new trim levels for MY2022. These are called PRO, PREMIUM and Sport.


The Timbersled PRO trim level will be the top-of-the-line option, available in SnowCheck only.

Gone is any mention of Walker Evans Velocity shocks for 2022, so what you get at the PRO trim is a high performance FOX IBP QS3 shock with internal bypass and lightweight springs. The PRO trim includes lightweight components that reduce driveline weight by 2 pounds. In total, the PRO trim level shaves a respectable 5 lb. of weight off the PREMIUM trim package.

The PRO trim level is available in the RIOT 3 and ARO 3 only, and comes in a variety of colour options.

2022 Timbersled Lineup_-8


The PREMIUM trim level will be available in-season and is featured on both ARO and RIOT models. It will use FOX QS3 adjustable quick-click shocks for fast and easy compression adjustment.



Timbersled’s SPORT trim level is the base package that will allow riders to get in on the action at a value price, using rebuildable Timberself IFP shocks. It will be available across select models of both ARO and RIOT.



The S (for “Slammed) models aren’t new for 2022, but they need to be mentioned of course along with the other models. The S models, released in MY2021, offer a 3” lower seat height, revised skidframe geometry and lower angle of attack, all designed to improve ease of handling and cornering for newer, less aggressive and smaller riders.

The S model versions are available for RIOT, RIOT 3, ARO 129 and ARO 3 models and also in all three trim levels, depending on model choice.

For our impression riding and comparing the 2021 RIOT Velocity, RIOT S, ARO 3 & ARO S models, see our Timbersled model year 2021 shootout video, here.

2022 Timbersled Lineup_

2022 Timbersled Models

With the addition of the RIOT 3, Timbersled will offer six different models for 2022. Combined with S model counterparts in each model family and three trim packages, this makes for a huge variety of options for MY2022.

  • Ripper, a youth model
  • RIOT
  • RIOT 3
  • ARO 129 & 137
  • ARO 3
  • 120 SX, a race model
2022 Timbersled Lineup_-3
The Timbersled RIOT 3 S PREMIUM.

2022 Timbersled Ripper

Ripper is the family fun snow bike kit with Timbersled performance. It’s designed for use with 110cc dirt bikes for the young ripper. The ride height is low for small bodies.

Ripper uses a 93” x 6.5” wide track, with 1.25” lugs for shredding the yard and fields.

A dual arm suspension is damped by RydeFX front and rear track shocks. The ski is called the Ripper Balance Ski.

One of the best features of the Timbersled Ripper is that it doesn’t use hyfax. The track runs on bogey wheels, which means you don’t need to worry about your young shredder chewing through sliders when there’s not much snow in the yard (or it’s hardpacked). Clever!

2022 Timbersled RIOT and RIOT 3

As mentioned above, the RIOT models are designed to mimic dirt-bike handling on snow. You get all the ARO technology with the RIOT-specific rear suspension.

RIOT is driven by a 120” x 11.5” wide track with 2.5” lugs. Depending on trim level, you can have either the Timbersled IFP shocks in the SPORT, or FOX QS3 in PREMIUM trim.

No need to rehash the RIOT 3 here, but a quick summary: RIOT handling with longer 129” x 11.5” wide track with aggressive 3” lug. Win.

RIOT 3 is available in PRO and PREMIUM trim, feature either FOX QS3 or the position-sensitive FOX QS3 IBP shocks.

Like all full-sized Timbersled models, RIOT snow bike models use the Timbersled Traverse Ski.

2022 Timbersled Lineup_-7
2022 Timbersled RIOT 3 model
2022 Timbersled Lineup_-8
RIOT 3 S model

2022 Timbersled ARO

The Timbersled ARO models are the base model, all-conditions slayers. You get all the benefits of the latest ARO technology, at a good value price. Some of these benefits include easy conversion, low maintenance and world-class dealership network.

For 2022, the Timberseld ARO will only be offered in the SPORT trim level, but it will feature three different models within that: ARO 129, ARO 129 S and ARO 137.

The ARO 129 uses a 129” x 11.5” wide track with 2.5” lugs. The ARO 137 track is 137″ long, but otherwise identical in spec.

The rear suspension is the ARO Long Travel, which is damped by Timbersled IFP shocks in the SPORT trim.

2022 Timbersled Lineup_-6
There's a 2022 Timbersled for every rider and budget. This is the ARO 129 S in SPORT trim.

2022 Timbersled ARO 3

Timbersled ARO 3 is formerly the only snow bike with a 3″ paddle track, but that has changed for 2022 with the addition of RIOT 3 this year. However, for those seeking the most capable deep snow bike kit, this is it. The ARO 3 track is a 129″ x 11.5″ wide track. It is available in two trim levels. The PREMIUM trim uses FOX QS3 shocks and the standard driveline components, and is available in-season. The PRO trim level is SnowCheck only, and uses FOX QS3 IBP shocks, and is 5 lbs lighter than the PREMIUM trim models.

Like all other models, ARO 3 family also has the option of the smaller ARO 3 S model.

Compare the ARO 3 (left in blue) to the ARO 3 S (right). The ARO 3 S features a shorter spindle and lower track angle of attack.

2022 Timbersled Lineup_-10
2022 Timbersled Lineup_-12

2022 Timbersled 120 SX

Timbersled 120 SX is back for 2022, and it is the race-ready snow bike built specifically for the whoops, berms and tables of the snow bike cross track. It is basically a consumer version of Timbersled’s factory race kit, the 120R.

The race spec kit uses FOX LSC-R shocks that feature rebound and compression adjustment and an internal bypass.

Compact centralization of mass is the key design factor here, and the result is a kit that weights just 95 lbs.

Unlike the other full sized kits in the Timbersled lineup, the 120 SX has a narrower track at 120″ x 10″ wide, with a 2.25″ lug. The track is specifically developed to provide traction and control in a race environment.

The 2022 Timbersled 120 SX is SnowCheck exclusive.

2022 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup

So there you have it, the full 2022 Timbersled lineup.

Once again, Timbersled has pushed the boundaries for snow bike riders for 2022 by adding more deep snow capability to the fun RIOT family with the RIOT 3. This new kit will really add more versatility to the lineup.

And with the lineup growing for 2022 again, the manufacturer has done a great job of organizing all the options to make it easier for the customer to find a snow bike that fits their exact preferences with three new trim levels. 


– MS