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March 1st, 2022

2023 Timbersled Introduces New ARO Gen2!

The big news for the 2023 Timbersled lineup is a massive overhaul of the ARO model, now called ARO Gen2.

For model year 2022, it was the playful Timbersled RIOT kit that received an upgrade to a new 3” track. For 2023, Timbersled has reworked its deep snow capable model, ARO, into a next generation platform called Gen2. It features some pretty significant changes and a whole lot of weight loss.

2023 Timbersled _-6
The 2023 Timbersled ARO 3 S Premium model in action.

2023 Timbersled ARO Gen2

When Timbersled announced its 2023 lineup and the release of the ARO Gen2, the number that immediately jumps off the page is a 12 lb. weight reduction. That’s close 10% of the weight of the kit! Wow.

But it’s not just weight loss that increases the capability of the deep snow model. ARO Gen2 features some significant improvements to handling and performance as well. Let’s get into it!

Timbersled ARO Gen2

ARO Gen2 Track

ARO Gen2 uses a new track with a revised 3” lug profile. The track adds durability but is also 2 lbs lighter than the previous ARO track, while maintaining the same 11.5” width for excellent floatation.

2023 Timbersled ARO 3_-2


While Timbersled has maintained the geometry used in the ARO skidframe for consistent handling characteristics, there are some significant changes.

First of all, the rail spacing has been narrowed, while using the same width track. The skid is made stiffer with shorter and stronger rail spacers. The narrowed rails allow for improved handling on hard packed trails and rough terrain by allowing better leaning angles and reducing the amount of feedback transmitted through the track. The rails have also been re-engineered for a 1 lb weight reduction.

2023 Timbersled ARO 3 narrow rails

The narrower rail width allows more flex to the edge of the track for improved handling in hard snow conditions.

For more weight loss, Timbersled has also ditched the scissor arm in the suspension, which now uses a single arm design.

2023 Timbersled ARO 3 Single Arm _
The single arm design of the ARO Gen2.

QuickDrive Timbersled

Timbersled has vastly improved the driveline of the ‘Pro’ trim model ARO3 Gen2 with the use of a new belt drive system.

QDT borrows technology from Timbersled’s parent company, Polaris, by making use of the same lightweight 36 mm drive belt that has been proven on the RMK line of mountain sleds.

The QDT system uses Timbersled designed hardened steel sprockets and a static pulley (not a tensioner) to help keep everything aligned.

2023 Timbersled ARO 3 QDT _
QuickDrive Timbersled, with the cover removed to show the 36 mm drive belt, steel sprockets and static pulley.

The overall benefits of a belt drive system are well known—lightweight, low noise and vibration, less maintenance and no lubrication required. Most importantly from a performance perspective, belt drive systems are much quicker spooling and with lower driveline inertia. In the case of the ARO Gen2, 48% lower inertia to be precise for faster power delivery.


Timbersled Senior Design Engineer, Cody Telford, explained to us the changes to the ARO Gen2 platform in the video below:

2023 Timbersled _-12

2023 Timbersled Models

Timbersled continutes to offer a dizzying array of models and trim packages for 2023, most of which are very similar to the model year 2022 Timbersled lineup with the exception of the flagship ARO platform Gen2 updates listed above.

Here are the models available:


  • ARO 3 Pro

  • ARO 3 Premium
  • ARO 3 S Pro
  • ARO 3 S Premium
  • 5 colour options


  • ARO 129 Sport
  • ARO 129 S Sport

The difference in ride height between the ARO 129 S and ARO 129 (semi-transparent) is shown.

  • ARO 137 Premium
  • Black only


  • RIOT 3 Premium
  • RIOT 3 Pro
  • RIOT 3 S Premium
  • RIOT 3 S Pro
  • 5 colour options


RIOT 120

  • RIOT 120 Sport
  • RIOT 120 S Sport
  • RIOT 120 Premium
  • RIOT 120 S Premium
  • Black/Silver only

Timbersled 120 SX

  • Black/White only

Timbersled Ripper

  • Black/White only



2023 Timbersled _-4

There’s a model for every rider out there depending on your preference of ride height, suspension package, handling characteristic and colour and more. We could spend all day listing those here but your best bet is to cruise on over to the Timbersled website to dial in your specific preferences.


– MS