6 Tips To Improve Your Jumping Style | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | November 14, 2018

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6 Tips To Improve Your Jumping Style | Mountain Sledder

6 Tips To Improve Your Jumping Style

| On 12, Apr 2016

So you want to add some flavor into your riding? Tired of mundane straight airs with no style? Well you don’t have to throw a crazy power move to turn average riding into something unique; style is often subtle and understated. The only rule for style is that it has to flow on its own, when something is forced it’s obvious and it doesn’t look natural. Here are a few tips to improve your jumping style.


6 Tips To Improve Your Jumping Style


Turn the Skis in the Air

Jumping Style Tips

Photo: Rob Alford | Rider: Colton Olstad

Turning the skis while in the air is a simple way to add some flare to your air. It can be done on anything from a straight hit to the most inverted whip. This move will force you to lean off the side of the sled and it will help you to look ahead to spot your landing.


Look Back into the Camera as You Jump

Jumping Style Tips

Photo: TGFG | Rider: Riley Suhan

Mid-powder carve or during a big air, toss a casual glance back at the cameraman. When the picture comes back it’ll look like you had nothing but time. Eye position in photos makes the difference between you appearing gripped or at ease.



Hit Imperfect Jumps Again and Again

Jumping Style Tips

Photo: Blake Jorgenson | Rider: Chris Brown

Hits that have off-camber take offs require you to learn handling skills in the air. Learning how to adjust for landings is what takes you to the next level. A lip may start off perfect but it will deteriorate over the course of a session. Ruts that will form in the lip force you to react to unpredicability. The key is repetition. Even if you’re not going that big, get used to getting bucked and bringing it around.


Dropping the Bars on One Side

Jumping Style Tips

Photo: Rob Alford | Rider: Jeremy Hanke

Turning in the air on a hip jump is one of the first steps to learning how to whip; this move is not unlike a powder carve except you’re in the air. Approach the lip by carving slightly to one side. In the air, continue to lean into the downside, while pulling up and slightly back on the high side of your bars. This move involves a lot of feel. Commit to leaning the whole time you’re in the air. Throttling in the air is a must.




Jumping Style Tips

Photo: Stevin Tuchiwsky | Rider: Brodie Evans

Whips will never go out of style. Everyone has their own way of doing them but there’s things that make them stand out. If the track is higher than your head and you’re under the sled sideways you know it looks good. However, bringing the whip back and landing track-side down is the key to pull it off.


Throw Tricks

Jumping Style Tips

Photo: TGFG | Rider: Brett Turcotte

Some people think freestyle is something they could never attain. Wrong, it just takes dedication. Find a jump you can hit a million times, repetition and practice are everything. Start small and work your way up to more extension. Build a grab seat and ‘get grabby.’


– Brandon