7 Deadly Styles
March 13th, 2016

7 Deadly Styles

Style Matters. Style will always matter.

Style is a way of doing something, a set of characteristics that stand out from the mundane. Ultimately it’s a method of expression. Everyone has traits that give them their own style. For this article we picked seven different kinds of styles that we commonly see and matched them up with seven riders who personify those styles.  This list is meant to celebrate the intangible aspects of these ways of riding and the people who do it.


A smooth rider flows like water and their riding is as natural looking as it gets. Was this guy/girl born on a sled or what? Those with a smooth style make the most difficult riding look effortless. Hesitations seem non-existant and corrections look like they’re on purpose. The rider seems to be one with their machine, like it’s an extension of their body. This is the style we ALL envy.

Brett Turcotte

Brett Turcotte could literally win every category in this article but we limited him to just one to keep it fun. After much debate, we decided that the awarding him our ‘smooth’ category was the most complimentary to him and probably the coolest style to have out of the seven.  Brett is as smooth an operator on a snow machine as we’ve ever seen out there. He excels at all aspects of our sport in a way that combines precision, bravado, talent and desire into a display of trickery and flowy lines.




A rider who is ‘tight’ is defined by strategic, calculated moves where everything is planned. A sniper, they are often deep thinkers, and the wrath of their fury for unexpected results keeps them up at night. This mental exercise is what allows them to excel in the zone. Going big has been rehearsed a thousand times in their head before any throttles have been pulled.

Cody McNolty

Cody McNolty is a precision specialist, which is why his forte is jumping big cliffs. He’s an analyst of minute variations and how they affect outcomes. Cody’s riding is cerebral but always on point. He does what he says he’s going to once he decides to do it and most times it’s impressive.

Cody McNolty keeping things tight

Cody McNolty keeping things tight.



Defines the hard charging, ballsy rider that goes all-in on wild, big lines and hits. This style proves that undoable is doable simply by having the guts to see  something massive through. Riding like metal is to lust after insane rushes.

Derek Wood

There’s a lot of sledders who ride with a metal edge. In fact, it’s nearly a prerequisite if you want to hang with a good crew. Of all the wild men we know however, Derek Wood stands out as someone who’s not afraid to tape that throttle to the bars when lining up a hit. This guy flies like superman and stomps like an elephant. A quiet guy with loud riding, Derek is mellow when you meet him but when it’s time to jump, take a step back to keep him in the frame.

When it's time to jump, take a step back to keep him in Derek Wood in the frame.

When it’s time to jump, take a step back to keep him in Derek Wood in the frame.



Bosses are masters of control. When others are sketched out on a risky hit they take charge and get that shit done. They lead by example and are clutch performers. When the cameras are rolling they’re on point.

Cody Borchers

Cody Borchers is no stranger to bringing style to the snow. Bored of straight airs and wanting to push the sport further Cody learned tricks and brought them to the backcountry, combining freestyle with the big terrain of the mountains. He’s a man with a vision and a true pioneer of the sport. It’s no secret that he’s had a fair share of injuries, but being one of the top riders takes resilience. The passion to ride is an eternal fire inside, so only time will tell what ‘ol Borchers has up his sleeve.

Cody Borchers doin' it like a boss!

Cody Borchers doin’ it like a boss!



This is the rider that’s a straight up monster on a sled. Characterized by loose style combined with animalistic power, then throw in gnarly creative ideas that may or may not work, but if they pull it off it might be the most badass thing you’ve ever seen. Like a bear running through a forest, they’re majestic to look at but leave a path of destruction in their wake.

Shane Hansen

Shane ‘Squizzy’ Hansen is the least known of all our selections but he represents the wild everyman. Every crew seems to have one guy that draws the spotlight their way no matter what kind of terrain they’re in. Shane’s the kind of guy who’s cavalier is undeniable and if you spend enough time with him you’re guaranteed to see some rowdiness go down. A ‘beauty’ is a good description for these kinds of guys and the world needs more of them; but not too many more.

Beast Mode? No problem for Shane Hansen.

Beast Mode? No problem for Shane Hansen.


New School

A natural innovator who creates groundbreaking ways to rethink the status quo rides ‘new school.’ This kind of rider decides to create their own vision for the sport and is greedy for progression.

Reagan Seig

Reagan Sieg epitomizes the New School style as he brings snowbiking to the forefront of freeeriding in spite of what the naysayers and haters think. In the last few years snowbiking has gone from a gimmick to a genre capable of carving out unique and exciting backcountry action. We don’t know what the future holds for snowbiking but we are pretty sure Reagan will be right there charging it forward.

Leader of the New School, Reagan Seig. Class in now in session.

Leader of the New School, Reagan Sieg. Class in now in session.


The rider that combines style with ease so well that others can’t help but notice, both on and off the snow. Not easily knocked off their game, they have their sh#t together. They roll like they got-it because they do, but they don’t flaunt it.

Stephanie Sweezy

We picked ‘steezy’ Sweezy not just because her name matches her style so well, but because this girl is the epitome of having big balls and the game to back it up. Steph betters any crew she joins and she doesn’t need help from anyone to make her day happen. Sweezy is an understated and natural leader because the pack just wants to hang with her.

Steezin' for no reason. Stephanie Sweezy shows up more than a few guys in the backcountry for sure.

Steezin’ for no reason. Stephanie Sweezy shows up more than a few guys in the backcountry for sure.