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About Us

MOUNTAIN SLEDDER is the story of mountain snowmobiling in Western Canada. Defined by unrivaled photography, clean design and provoking editorial, Mountain Sledder tells OUR stories like they’ve never been told before.

OUR MISSION is to passionately capture the essence of mountain sledding and to foster community excitement for our growing sport.

MOUNTAIN SLEDDER showcases the people, the places, and the gear in our sport.

MOUNTAIN SLEDDER is unique in that we are focused solely on mountain riding. We work with the top riders, writers and photographers in the industry and showcase their work in an eye pleasing way. We engage with professionals to learn about their machines, riding techniques, riding areas and avalanche safety; we travel, explore, and report back.

MOUNTAIN SLEDDER gives the advertiser a unique opportunity to target Western Canadian mountain snowmobilers and to connect with more than 90,000 dedicated mountain enthusiasts. Printed on thick, gloss paper MOUNTAIN SLEDDER is the premier magazine of our sport.

We are MOUNTAIN SLEDDER Snowmobile Magazine and we want you to be a part of our story.