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December 16th, 2016

Andrew Munster Interview

Introduction to Andrew Munster interview by Cody McNolty

Heading into the winter season of 2012/2013, I was a little concerned because my main and nearly exclusive riding partner Ryan had moved away from the West Coast. This was my third season back from a 7-year hiatus and I was ready to start pushing limits. But without my pal Ry, I wasn’t sure who I was going to find that would be down to shred.

Thankfully that year I became friends with Steve Wheeler of No Limits Motorsports. Now becoming friends with Steve meant riding with him and his two homies—Sam Standing and Andrew Munster. I’ll never forget riding with those three for the first time, they took me to an area that every part of me thought don’t follow these guys. Sam and Steve would say, “Pfft, man it’s all good, we’ve done this line for years!” And pop! They would be gone!

Munster was always quiet and usually waited to make sure I was coming. Man, these three could shred! And their local knowledge of zones and their ability to ride was exactly what I was looking for in a riding group. By the end of that season all of us had elevated our riding and although we didn’t know what the future held, I knew that Wheeler, Standing and Munster were guys I wanted to keep riding with.

Over that summer Munster and I stayed in touch and talked regularly about sledding. Munster had been running this finger throttle thing that he had homemade and wanted to start a company building them because he believed it was a superior approach to snowmobiling. Munster also never let up, telling me I needed to join social media and share the type of riding I was doing. By the next fall I had opened Instagram and Facebook accounts for the very first time (mostly Andrew did this as I am computer illiterate) and Andrew had launched his company, branding “Munster” for the first time.

What a journey the past few years have been. Aside from our professional ambitions towards riding, Andrew’s growing company and the Launch of Munster Films, I consider Andrew one of my dearest friends and a role model for the community of sledders.

PS – I’m sorry I blew up the engine in your truck…


— Cody




Munster Finger Throttle


Munster Ski Bushing Saver

Munster Ski Bushing Saver


Munster's riding style may be silent, but it's also deadly.

Munster’s riding style may be silent, but it’s also deadly.

 — Colin

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