Arctic Cat MY2021 Snowmobiles Revealed Months Early | Mountain Sledder
October 23rd, 2019

Arctic Cat MY2021 Snowmobiles Revealed Months Early

In an extension of its successful "Snowmageddon" pre-order-only sales event, Arctic Cat has announced that it will reveal the full lineup of its model year 2021 sleds as early as mid-November of this year—several month ahead of the usual springtime reveal that has become tradition amongst the OEMs.

Arctic Cat has released some information already in a first announcement made to dealers on October 18, 2019. The manufacturer has revealed that it will bring back its Snowmageddon spring order-only sales event, but will extend the event window by several months to allow customers more time to make a buying decision. The pre-order window will be open from the full lineup reveal in mid-November until April 18, 2020.

Only some of the lineup has been revealed at this point, including information on the 2021 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat models and the 2021 Arctic Cat Riot models. However, AC has also announced a new customer program, “ship in” discounted parts and accessories and an additional discount program for customers who pre-order early.

We’ll have to wait to see what’s new in the full lineup, but for now, Arctic Cat VP Craig Kennedy says, “We are incredibly excited about not only the biggest shift in the snow industry from a launch timing perspective, but also one of the most exciting new products lineups we’ve ever released – designed to expand the entire snowmobile market.”

That sounds pretty interesting and is a positive indication that Cat isn’t going away anytime soon.

2021 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat & Hardcore

Some information has been revealed about the 2021 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat models, but at this point we’re unsure as to whether there will be more updates added when the full lineup is revealed in mid-November. For now, we know that the 2021 Mountain Cat will look much like its 2020 Mountain Cat predecessor, with a couple of small updates. 

The first of these is a revised calibration of the FOX QS3/QSL shocks and springs that is meant to improve absorption in big bumps.

The second update revealed is a revised engine mounting system which uses a carbon fiber torque control link for a 2.5 lb weight reduction and improved engine vibration dampening.

The M 8000 Mountain Cat will continue to be available in 154″ and 165″ x 3.0″ track configurations, with both manual and electric start. In a departure from tradition of orange and green colour schemes, the Mountain Cat will come in a pretty sexy-looking Fire Red/Dynamic Charcoal graphic.

Arctic Cat 2021 Featured M8000_165_AlphaOne_Manual_MY21_Red-Char copy

As for the 2020 Arctic Cat M 8000 Hardcore, it will be available with 154″ x 2.6″ or 3.0″ tracks or a 165″ x 3.0″ option. Both manual and electric start will be available.

The Hardcore will be available in the Fire Red/Black option, or a Hyper Green/Black with blue highlights.


2021 Arctic Cat Riot

The 2021 Arctic Cat Riot will share the same new engine mounting system as the M 8000 lineup, which utilizes the carbon fiber TCL for a 2.5 lb weight reduction. 

A second revealed update is that the Riot will feature 17″ single runner carbides which will provide more responsive steering.

Otherwise, at this time it is unknown if other additional upgrades have been made to the 50/50 crossover model that was new in 2020.

The 2021 Riot will come in either Orange/Blue or Charcoal with green accents.


It’s certainly an interesting time for Arctic Cat, and we’re excited to see evidence of the brand finding new ways to contend in an evolving and competitive market.


– MS