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July 14th, 2022

Arctic Cat Teases New Snowmobile Platform

After 12 years of the Ascender platform, Arctic Cat is ready to release a new snowmobile platform

On July 14, Arctic Cat unveiled the exciting news of its next generation snowmobile platform with a teaser video heavy on mystery and light on specifics.

It seems that the Arctic Cat loyal following (and snowmobilers in general for that matter) will have to wait a little longer to find out exactly what the new platform entails. But now we know that, indeed, something is coming. And while we wait, there will surely be no shortage of speculation.

To build hype for the release, which it seems will be trickled out in measured doses, Arctic Cat first opened the doors to enthusiasts with the opportunity to put forth a name for the new platform. The chance to suggest a name for the new platform closed on July 28.

While we don’t have many details to work with at this point, here’s what Arctic Cat has made publicly available about the new platform:

  • The platform is designed to be lightweight and strong, with a focus on mass centralization
  • It will featured improved ergonomics
  • The new platform will use a 2-stroke engine
  • It will debut in the mountain, trail and crossover segments for model year 2024

New Platform to Launch At Hay Days

The next opportunity to learn more about the new Arctic Cat snowmobile platform will take place at the Hay Days event, September 10-11, 2022, which takes place annually near Minnesota, MN.

At this point, it is not publicly known what additional details or specifications will be provided about the new platform at Hay Days, but Artic Cat says that a prototype will be on hand. Even if show goers don’t get the opportunity to inspect the new platform up close and personal, as with Hay Days Arctic Cat reveals in the past, it will be on display to some degree.

New Platform Available for Model Year 2024

Artic Cat has revealed its intent to make the new platform available in mountain, trail and crossover categories for model year 2024 pre-order in Spring 2023.

The exclusion of youth and utility models from this list suggests that those product categories will continue as-is until at least another model year. It should be noted that Arctic Cat’s mid-sized BLAST models debuted as recently as model year 2021, and with the utility segment being a low sales volume segment in which outright performance is not a huge priority, it makes sense for the manufacturer to release the new platform in this way.

Arctic Cat New Snowmobile Platform

New Platform Details

As to when the full details and specifications of the new platform will be revealed, Arctic Cat has not yet made that information public.

The teaser video doesn’t reveal much, but the shape of the headlight that is clearly visible is certainly intriguing! Arctic Cat’s web page dedicated to the new platform reveals a couple of little teaser nuggets that might incite some speculation, but nothing very tangible.

We’re anxious to learn more, which will be revealed in time as we move closer to the spring pre-order date when the new platform will become available to customers.

– MS