August Sledding? | Mountain Sledder
August 17th, 2010

August Sledding?

So Lang is one of our popular zones here in Golden, BC that is accessed through Gorman Lake.  Many of you have been or seen Gorman Lake and maybe even Lang Creek in the winter, but I’m sure not many of you have seen it in the summer.  Our journey began a few months ago with a “season ending” style trip.  We set to play a little on sleds and throw down a few snowboard laps to enjoy the sun and say “Good Bye” to the snow.
On literally the last run of the season a pocket release (small slab avalanche) tripped up a friend and the camera was lost.  He was ok as he rode away from this little situation, but our hopes of ever finding the camera were low.
Check out this video of how our “camera rescue mission” went down and how finding a needle in a haystack can be a great experience with good friends and beautiful weather!  WHAT A DAY!!