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May 27th, 2022

BCA Tracker4 Recall Notice Issued

A plastics production issue on certain avalanche transceivers may cause a switch to fall off, resulting in a BCA Tracker4 recall notice

A BCA Tracker4 recall notice has been issued for some Tracker4s sold after June 1, 2021 which are affected by a plastics production issue that may result in the switch falling off the transceiver, thereby preventing the device from functioning properly.

BCA has issued the safety recall notice in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada for the defective devices.

In the notice, BCA says there have been no reported incidents in which the faulty switch has contributed to any injuries or fatalities.

The dial switch on the upper right of the Tracker4 is affected by the production issue.

BCA Tracker4 Recall

BCA reports that the switch plastics production issue may result in the switch falling off the transceiver, which would prevent the user from turning on or off the device, and preventing the ability to transmit or search for another transceiver signal.

The avalanche safety products company recommends that owners of a Tracker4 device with a serial number beginning with 21H05 or 21H06 should immediately stop using the device and register for a replacement unit at no cost.

How To Determine if Your BCA Tracker4 Is Affected by the Recall

The BCA Tracker4 recall affects units with serial numbers that start with 21H05 or 21H06 that were sold after June 1, 2021. These could have been sold either as part of a Tracker4 rescue package or as a standalone unit.

The serial number of the Tracker4 avalanche transceiver can be found inside the battery door. To determine the serial number, open the battery door and remove the top AAA battery. A barcode label with the serial number below is located there. Tracker4 devices with serial numbers beginning in 21H05 or 21H06 are affected by the recall notice.

Serial numbers beginning with 20H01, 20H02, 20H03, 20H04, and 21H08 are not impacted by the recall.

BCA Tracker4 Recall _
The serial number can be found on a label inside the battery compartment. This Tracker4, for example with serial number beginning with 20H03, is not affected by the recall.

If it is determined that your Tracker4 is affected, BCA asks users to discontinue use and fill out a Tracker4 Replacement Form to coordinate replacement of the device at no cost. Once the form is processed, BCA will send an email with information about how and where to ship your Tracker4, along with a pre-paid return shipping label.

For additional questions about the recall, BCA can be reached via email: here for customers in the U.S.; here for customers in Canada; and here for customers in E.U.


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