Boulder Mountain, Revelstoke BC | Snowmobiling Ride Guide
December 12th, 2012

Boulder Mountain, Revelstoke BC

DISCLAIMER: Snowmobiling in the mountains carries inherent risk. It is up to the rider to gain the necessary training, skills and experience required for safe snowmobiling in the mountains, and to exercise caution in areas with avalanche danger and other hazards.

A legendary sledding hotspot, Revelstoke’s Boulder Mountain has been satisfying the deep powder addict for over 40 years. Its ease of access, well-maintained facilities, and extremely rare combination of plentiful beginner terrain alongside expert-crushing deep snow and climbs make Boulder one of the most talked-about riding areas in Western Canada, and therefore…the world.

Boulder Mountain Snowmobile Zone – Revelstoke, BC

Starting out from scenic downtown Revelstoke, the parking area is only 4 km west of town. Your coffee may still be a little too hot for that first sip as you turn left off Westside Road into the roomy double lot facility, which makes unloading a frustrating blend of wanting that sled off the deck ASAP and not wanting to leave the rest of your drink to cool for the day on your dash.  There is a mandatory $25 trail fee (collected at the bottom) that contributes to the 50+ kilometers of trail grooming which occurs six days a week throughout most of the winter.  Frequent visitors can purchase a yearly membership at $200 for a single or $300 for any two in a family.

Boulder Mountain Revelstoke

The Trail to Boulder Mountain Zone

Venturing up the main trail gives you a few options to get the goods. Stay right at the junction to cruise the long and straight Kirkup Trail, following the Kirkup Valley up to the cabin and giving access to the ‘experts-only’ Turtle Mountain area. Staying left takes you to the Bezanson and the ultra-scenic Veideman Trails, with great views of Revelstoke nestled between the Selkirk and Monashee mountain ranges. This is especially nice on the way home if it is getting dark as the Revelstoke dam and the sweet vistas over the lights of town are showcased. The Bezanson is the most popular trail, as it is the shortest, though all three end up at the new Boulder Cabin.

Boulder Mountain Revelstoke

Boulder Mountain Cabin

At 5400ft (1650m) in elevation, sledders are welcomes to the riding area by a one-year-old cabin with ample space for drying wet gear and for hanging clothes out of the way, and lighting on a time system so that it will come on for the next person with the flip of a switch. A covered deck area keeps the snow off of you while you enjoy some grub served fresh off the BBQ through the majority of the season. No Interac here people, bring cash!

The outside area is fantastic, because as we all know, you don’t always go to the cabin to warm up – most are trying to sit down and cool off from the last tree well session.  A guestbook helps keep track of who is visiting from where, and is also a vital part of saving your bacon when you don’t sign out because you’re lost or stuck or broke down somewhere for the night!

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  • Cabin GPS Lat and Long: N 51˚ 00’ 47.26”, W 118˚ 19’ 35.32”
  • Elevation: 1644m/5394ft
  • Distance to Revelstoke: 5km
  • Annual Snowfall: 14-20m/46-65ft
  • Average Winter Temperature: -5˚C
  • Groomed Trails: 24
  • Grooming Season: 7 months
  • Terrain Rating: Easy to Expert
  • More Info: Revelstoke Snowmobile Club
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