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In the Trenches With AvCan’s North Rockies Field Team

Throughout the day, we take note of weather factors, such as how strong the winds are, or how much it’s snowing. We’ll often perform snowpack tests to get a better sense of…

Frisby Ridge Caribou Closure Repealed near Revelstoke

The BCSF has announced that, effective immediately, the Frisby Ridge Caribou Snowmobile Closure near Revelstoke has been repealed.

Blue Lake, Sicamous BC

When the sky is clear and blue, this remarkable snowmobile zone is perfect for novice to intermediate sledders who can go just about everywhere and see everything there is to see. Advanced…

Riley Suhan Backcountry Race April 2, 2022

After a two year hiatus, the Riley Suhan Backcountry Race is back for 2022, taking place near Golden, BC on April 2.

What is the EXO Sled? We Ride it and Find Out

The EXO Sled is a bolt-on kit that significantly changes the handling characteristics of a snowmobile by converting it from a two-ski independent front suspension into one a single, large ski suspension…

A Knife to a Gun Fight

The text asked if my son Jake and I were signed up to race in the 2nd annual Riley Suhan Backcountry Race in Golden, BC, or if we were just big talkers?…

Boulder Mountain Access Closed by Landslide

A series of three major rain events rolling across British Columbia has resulted in a landslide, causing a section of the Jordan River Forest Service Road (FSR) to become impassible near the…

The Rockies of the East – Backcountry Snowmobiling in Newfoundland

It's not just the sea, the rocks, the rugged beauty. Now, it's also backcountry snowmobiling in Newfoundland that is drawing visitors to the province.

Deep Snow in Valemount BC! Road Trip VLOG

Mountain Sledder staff, Pat and Sean, hit the road for a trip to Valemount, BC just in time to enjoy the spoils of a deep winter storm! With the help of some…

Coal Creek & Morrissey, Fernie BC

At the beating heart of Fernie’s growing snowmobile scene is the expansive network of the adjacent Coal Creek and Morrissey riding areas.