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Rene St Onge Tribute

The sledding community suffered a great loss yesterday, as it is being reported that Rene St Onge has tragically passed away in a snowmobiling accident. Rene has been a part of Mountain…

Keep to the Code

Violate the code, accept the consequences. Sled circles are tight and the reputation of a chatterbox can spread like wildfire.

Sierra Snowmobile Foundation Raises Funds to Fight on Behalf of Sledders

The Sierra Snowmobile Foundation fundraiser / film premiere / season kickoff party will take place at Revision Brewing in Sparks, Nevada.

Brett Turcotte joins Boondocker Factory Team

Mountain Sledder is the first to learn that Brett Turcotte has officially joined the Boondocker Factory Team this winter.

A (Somewhat Raunchy) Love Letter to Snow

I’ve loved the way you can transform the world from a drab, fall landscape into something bright, cold and welcoming. This is my love letter to snow.

Avalanche Canada Receives Funding of $25M from Federal Government

Less than a week after Avalanche Canada revealed that the organization was in desperate need of funding to the point that it would have to start cutting programs, the federal government stepped…

Thunderstruck 17 Review

Thunderstruck 17 features bottomless powder, awesome backcountry freestyle, technical draws and trees and—of course—some of the most wicked chute slaying you will find anywhere. 

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Less and Sled More

It's time to slide down the ethical slope guilt-free by convincing your boss that more time on the sled will boost your job performance this winter. Here's how to talk your boss…

Springtime Heli-Sledding in Whistler

Milestones deserve to be celebrated. So when my 50th birthday rolled around this spring I decided to splash out on a daylong heli-sledding tour with Whistler-based Head-Line Mountain Holidays.

What Should Come First? Avalanche Airbag or Education?

I absolutely the love the idea of avalanche airbags. They are an amazing safety tool that has been shown to save lives by reducing the chance of a full burial in an…