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Ride the Crappy Snow

We humans excel at procrastinating and we have gotten very comfortable in thinking that there is always another day coming.

The Widescape WS250 Is Not a Snowmobile

When we first saw the teaser for the Widescape WS250 which was released in late February 2022, we immediately thought: It’s a stand up snowmobile! But wait a second, is it though?…

How to Measure Your Dedication to Sledding

How much riding is enough to make your investment in sleds and gear worthwhile? And how do we measure your dedication to sledding?

In the MIX With a SIX! Why You Should Consider a 600 cc Mountain Sled

The #1 reason to buy a 600 cc mountain sled is this: Change the paradigm to focus on fun and realize there is no correlation between cc and enjoyment.

Snowmobile Culture Ultimatums vs. Technology

I'm sure we have all made our own snowmobile-related ultimatums over the years. But we are quickly learning that perhaps ultimatums are anything but final.

What I Choose To Ride and Why

As a Ski-Doo brand ambassador, I have the priviledge to ride any sled they make. I've been asked what I choose to ride, and why? Here's my answer.

Farmer’s Almanac Winter 2021 Forecast Predicts White and Wild Winter out West

The Farmer's Almanac Winter 2021 forecast is out, and the magic formula has brewed up a prediction of a wet, white and wild winter for the West this year.

VIDEO – Why Yamaha Brought Back Mountain Max This Way

In this video, we throw a leg over both the 154" and 165" models of Mountain Max and talk about how Yamaha chose to bring back the 2-stroke mountain sled.

Riding in Silence in the Backcountry

I will admit, I love the sound of an engine at peak rpm as much as the next gearhead, but the thought of riding in silence is certainly intriguing.